We are a family living in an RV and working as part-time digital nomads. We are currently touring around the Southwest / Western U.S. and then wherever the winds blow us.

Darrell has limited availability for technology consulting/advising or other interesting opportunities – see Darrell’s LinkedIn.

Lily is a writer with an MFA in Creative Writing. She keeps very busy with writing projects, including her first novel, but has availability to help with copy-writing and editing, blog content writing, ghostwriting, proofreading – see virtual-lil.com.

Xen is currently in middle school and will be home-schooled during our travels.

Lorelei is touring the world with a backpack and a camera. You can see her photography at https://www.loreleitrammell.com/.

Our non-work interests include laughing, the outdoors, world travel, hiking, gaming, programming, reading books, healthy eating (#ketogenic, #lchf) and healthy living (#calisthenics, #meditation).

Check out Lily’s and Darrell’s Instagram feeds!