LMTV Bliss Mobil Motorcycle Lift

I’m sure y’all are getting tired of these time-lapse videos but I’m making up for lost time (and having fun). You can tell the videos so far are from the same location – must’ve been something in the air there! It was definitely a great dispersed site in the Sierra Mountains foothills. So this one is a super fast time-lapse of me loading the Yamaha XT250 on the LMTV Bliss Mobil RV motorcycle lift.

We mostly use the the Yamaha for grocery runs and fun but it’s also a “rescue bike” if needed. Picture all three of us on that little motorcycle! 😳

I made the video quick since it’s mostly me applying ratchet straps like a madman. 😎 I attach five 500-lb ratchet straps: a large strap on the rear tire that came with the moto rack tray, one on each wheel, one on the rear handhold (strapped to the spare tire), and one connecting the frame of the bike to the rack.

Not pictured: the bloody gash I typically get somewhere doing this kind of stuff…

As with the last few videos, music is by my good friend David of ORISSA – https://spoti.fi/2zo1OL5 🤘🏽


  1. three people on a motorcycle is done all day in other countries we just have that skillset 🙂

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