How we Fixed our LMTV Air Intake and Filter

This is a quick post describing how we replaced the stock LMTV M1078 air intake and filter with Donaldson filters. The stock intake and spare tire holder/crane take up a lot of real estate between the LMTV truck cab and cargo area. We moved things around to shorten the Bliss Mobil habitat overhang off the back of the truck frame AND to allow for a pass-through between the Bliss unit and the truck cab.

LMTV stock air intake
Stock LMTV air intake/filter.

Two Donaldson PowerCore PSD10 Air Cleaners replace the stock filter. One of the filters attaches to a custom bracket installed above the oil and transmission fill lines.

Driver side Donaldson filter.
Driver side Donaldson filter, cab tilted.

The passenger side filter attaches to the top of a toolbox and the intake tube is integrated in to the rear of the top 2/3’s of the box. This was to allow the toolbox to extend to the edge of the pass-through.

Passenger side Donaldson filter.
Passenger side Donaldson filter.
Passenger side Donaldson filter, cab tilted.

A “Y” (not pictured) connects the two filter intake tubes to the main engine air intake tube.

Top view of one of the Donaldson PSD10 filters.


We’ve put over 10k miles on the RV so far and the setup works well! Shoot me any questions you have in comments or the Contact Us link.


  1. Hey Darrell, finally getting caught up on your adventure. While you are there, check out Santiago and Santa Rita hot springs.

  2. I’m in the process of doing the same conversion. Wondering how did you come out with two PSD10’s , I’ve been trying to find this engine intake CFM and so far I could only find info on the Marine version.

    The documents from Donaldson themselves don’t seem to be accurate. I wanted to get specs from Caterpillar.

  3. Hello, looks great! Say, is the storage box that passenger side filter is on a custom build? I’m looking at doing the same thing and love to just by a box I can bolt on. Thanks!

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