Adventure Time! (sorta)

We finally (FINALLY!) embarked on the maiden voyage in our Bliss Mobil / LMTV adventure RV. This has been a long time coming and we all feel a mix of emotions: excitement, fear, uncertainty, doubt and sadness from leaving our home and friends. These all flow in waves and we all three can be experiencing opposing emotions at the same time!

We departed Denver mid-April and the weather suddenly turned cold and windy. It’s funny because it was 80F degrees earlier in the week. The wind was blowing from he NW and it was epic. Driving South from Denver towards Texas we saw two overturned tractor-trailers. The warnings on the freeway signs said “tall, light loads should exit”. Thankfully we’re a tall heavy load (25k lbs) and the wind didn’t pose any problems. But in hindsight we probably should have waited a day.

Our first couple of weeks in the new adventure RV are mostly visiting relatives and attending a conference in Texas. We’ve yet to have a full-on, off-grid camping experience with this vehicle…but the time will come.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

LMTV cab
Is that Jay Couch I see peeping over the camera display?
Bliss Mobil outdoor kitchen
Giving the Bliss Mobil outdoor kitchen a test run.
Pull-up staion on m1102
Pull-up station ready for action.
M1102 extended trailer tongue
Jay extended our M1102 trailer tongue to fit under the truck and moto rack overhang.
Bliss Mobil out of it's element
Roughing it in the wild Texan suburbs.
Prepping for another long day driving through TX.
Prepping for another long day driving through TX.


  1. I’m so excited for the three of you. It’s really fun to see how you’re making this happen. I love the outdoor kitchen. I’ll be sure to bring portabellos for grilling when we meet up somewhere. 🤪 safe travels friends. We miss you and send love and light.
    Kiala and Damon

  2. How did the outdoor kitchen work? Interested to see your thoughts on the electric grill…

    Jay did great work on both the truck and the trailer extention to make that work. Looks great! The orange in the rims is a nice touch too. Congrates! Now you just need to get it dirty!

    1. The electric grill isn’t as good as over the fire but it worked fine. I’ll also use a grill with charcoal / wood when I can.

  3. Bon Voyage! Nice meeting you in Albuquerque today. What a thorough preparation and informative website. Thanks for sharing with the world. Happy Trails!

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