M1102 Custom Adventure Camper Trailer For Sale!

It’s not you (trailer), it’s me (see below for backstory)…Our M1102 adventure camper trailer is for sale! It’s located in the SF Bay Area and ready for a new owner. I’ve put around $19K in to this project but I’m highly motivated to sell. If you have any interest or offer, please respond in comments and I’ll contact you privately in email.


  • M1102 heavy tactical trailer – this trailer is beefy and has excellent off-road capabilities!
  • Foxwing Awning for full 270 degree coverage
  • 37″ Run-flat tires with surge brakes and double mechanical brakes at each wheel
  • 40″ Insulated and carpeted all-aluminum top
  • Safari Rack provides additional storage and standing/sitting platform (perfect for hunting)
  • Ladder to access roof rack
  • Easy access to storage shelves on driver and passenger sides
  • Rear 2″ hitch receiver
  • LED Lights all around, including doors
  • Rear Cargo (barn style) doors
  • Cargo-glide, pull-out from trailer bed
  • Every door is fully lockable for secure storage

Known Issues

  • Brakes need service
  • Driver side wheel and some lugs may need replacing
  • Some door light switches broken
  • Marine battery setup (for lights) needs some TLC


I honestly love (love!) this trailer and will miss it. However, after pulling (and backing) it all over the U.S. West, I’ve decided to lighten the load as we possibly (hopefully?!) head south of the border. If we were only traveling the U.S., I’d  probably keep it…
We’ll really miss:
  • Extra space for things we “might” need
  • Roof-top tent
  • Roof rack
  • Bicycle rack
  • And it looks great with the RV!

Hopefully someone else will enjoy it as much as we did…drop me a line if you have any interest.

M1102 Storage M1102 StorageM1102 Storage M1102 Storage M1102 Storage

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