First Videos Up In blissordie YouTube Channel

I’m finally getting around to uploading short videos of our LMTV / Bliss Mobil RV (and RV life) to the blissordie YouTube channel! Check out this time-lapse of deploying the Bliss Mobil awning and let me know in comments what other videos you’d like to see. Enjoy!


  1. Nice video Darrell. Have you used the awning much? We found parking the truck creates shade fro quick stops. We’ve had an awning made for the side of the 13ft unit which is freestanding. I’ll try to do a video like yours to see what you think. Hope you’re still loving the travelling life, another week at work before we set off exploring Oz for twelve months. Steve

    1. We also use the truck for shade. And not pictured here are some cheapo tarps I sometimes hang from the awning to block sun that’s hitting from an angle.

      I’d love to see your awning setup / video! I’ve got the deploy time down to 10 mins or less but it would be easier if I could just extend something from the box.

      We are loving the RV life now more than ever. I’m trying to get Lily to guest post on this…coming soon.

      So awesome you are taking off for a year to explore! We’d love so, so much to bring our RV there and do the same but not sure if we can get it clean enough to get through customs!

  2. That awning looks really nice. I have an OzTent tent and it has similar-functioning awnings and they work really well – but they take forever to deploy (and without a ladder!). Did you look into one of the ARB style awnings that just cranks out and supports itself? Maybe they don’t come as big as you have there; I suppose they’re also not nearly as strong?

    1. I like the OzTent Foxwing awning – we had one on our trailer.

      This awning came with the unit. One challenge is the height. You might notice that Bliss cuts an opening in the awning for the door. This allows it to deploy lower on the unit. I wouldn’t mind something easier but this one only takes 10 mins or so to deploy, so it’s not high priority to find a solution.

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