Hitting the Road

We are in the final stages of embarking on an epic road trip. It involves quitting our jobs, renting the house, loading up the truck and hitting the road.


2 years ago, I battled cancer. I won the battle. In fact, about a month ago my chemo port was removed. If you don’t know what chemo port is, ask The Google.

It should not be surprising that the fight with cancer triggered an existential crisis. During long chemo treatment sessions I had time to think about life, priorities and the “bucket list”.

Lily and I both love travel, camping, outdoors and the road. One thing led to another and we ended up spending most of our savings on a beefy RV.

What this adventure entails…

  • DD is quitting his full-time office job leading technical operations for Lending Club (the best company and team in my long tech career).
  • Lily will continue her Virtual Assistant business as she finishes her novel.
  • DD is taking on some part-time contracting to contribute to paying the bills (hello Everyone Social! Check out my LinkedIn and let me know if you need some help. Remotely, of course.)
  • Our 12yo son will be taking the summer off and we’ll be getting him ready to home-school from the road.
  • Lorelei (DD’s daughter) will join us when and where she can.
  • We will rent our house in Oakland, CA – or sell it if we can’t find a good tenant and/or can’t cover our costs (contact us if interested!).
  • We will make a major adjustment from a comfortable home to a tiny (relatively speaking) camper on the back of a surplus military cargo truck.
  • We’ll do this as long as it continues to make sense or we run out of money.

Where are we going?

July – October 2017

At first, we’ll do some out-n-back trips from the SF Bay Area to work out the bugs in the truck and camper.

After which we’ll tour the Western U.S. and southwest Canada, loosely traveling north through Oregon, Washington, Vancouver and then east to the mountains.

We’ll drive south along the Rockies until New Mexico and then head west to the SoCal desert.

Adventure part 1. We'll be somewhere in this box.

We’ll be somewhere in this box.

November 2017 and beyond…

Once the cooler weather descends from the north, we’ll continue southward: Baja, Mexico, Belize, Central and South America. We’ll see how far we get before the southern hemisphere winter begins next year. Unless, our truck falls apart, we get tired of it or run out of money.

Adventure part 2. Mexico, Central and South America.
Our route southward.







Stay tuned!


  1. Wow!!! This makes me smile!!! I’m sooooo excited for you two. I can’t wait to follow along!!!! Sending love and positive thoughts. Safe travels and please know you’ve always got space at our place — wherever we may be!!!! 💕💕

  2. This is AWESOME!!! Cheers! We’re rooting for you all the way! Heck, we might want to buy a jeep and some camping gear and join you!
    Damon & Kiala

    1. Thanks so much Damon! We will be needing more of yours and Kiala’s sage advice as we start the work hustle. Lily and I are discussing what to sign up for. Even if you don’t buy a Jeep let’s figure out how to meet up.

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