Status on starting the #rvlife and a trailer tease

Greetings, holidays and otherwise! We are still alive and doing well. Progress toward our #rvlife is moving forward, albeit at a glacial pace. What follows is a quick update and some teaser photos of our new, custom M1102 trailer.


I really thought I’d be writing blog posts from a warm desert by now. But instead we’re still in the SF Bay Area grinding away. Here’s the ADHD/TLDR list to bring you up to speed:

  • Truck delays galore,
  • Trailer took much longer than expected but delivered a couple of weeks ago,
  • Selling our home,
  • Spending a lot of time purging (we have so much shit) and packing,
  • A couple of long (wonderful!) trips, one abroad to Taiwan,
  • We continue to work, homeschool, eat keto, daily calisthenics, novel-write (Lily), breathe, meditate, live, …
  • We’re getting closer to this #rvlife but have to clear a couple of obstacles first…

Timeline…Not Really

Last summer I made the rookie mistake of establishing a hard timeline in my head and then communicating it too broadly, including in this blog. What I didn’t account for were circumstances beyond our control. My entire (former) career was built on delivering projects and I should know better.

Now, we’ve recalibrated our expectations and are taking a more zen approach. It will happen when it happens, and in the meantime, we continue to live every moment of our lives.

That said, and at the risk of doing it again, it feels like we’re getting close. The major known knowns and known unknowns remaining are:

  • Truck storage boxes delivered but must be fitted,
  • Complete and attach the truck tree cage/roof rack,
  • Finish truck winch assembly and hydraulics,
  • Final paint, fit and finish, backup cameras, etc,
  • Purge-n-pack, move what little we’re keeping to storage and sell the house (selling could/will be done while on the road),
  • Get through a successful PET/CT scan in Jan/Feb 2018.

The last one is the wildest of the wildcards. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma exactly three years ago – I’m in remission but due for a routine PET/CT so the doc can take a look around. I feel great. I’m keto-adapted and gaining muscle weight with Thenx calisthenics. So…I feel pretty good about this scan but…there’s always the unknown unknowns lurking about and as Rumsfeld reminds us, these are the most difficult to anticipate.

Trailer Teaser!

One happy present under the tree was our custom M1102 trailer from Access Manufacturing in Winters, CA (See Expedition Supply in Utah for trailer configurations and options).

I’ll do a full post on everything you need to know about it, but meanwhile, here’s some teaser photos to whet your appetite.

A gaggle of M1102 trailers at Access Mfg. This is what we started with.
M1102 going to it's new home
The (mostly done) trailer heading home.
Temporary home in our driveway.
Ready to load, arguably, more shit than anyone should take on their #rvlife.

Coming Soon

  • More on the trailer including photos with the tent and awning deployed,
  • Update on the truck (?),
  • News on the PET/CT scan (clearance to engage in #rvlife),
  • More frequent updates than once per four months…

Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year!


  1. YIPEEE!! So great to see things are moving along. And I love your Zen attitude. I’m trying to adopt something like it, but it’s tough in this rat race. sheesh. Looking forward to more photos and stories of adventure!

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