We’re Expecting! (An M1102 trailer…)

I dropped a hint in the last post that we were thinking of pulling something behind our RV and now we’re one step toward making that the reality with an M1102 trailer. We put cash down on a custom build with a secure (as can be, anyway) shell on top. We discovered a fabricator, Access Mfg, just an hour from us who have a specialty in building really cool, functional tops for trucks, trailers and golf carts. Shout-out to John, the owner, and Maria, who hosted us for a pleasant and very informative visit.

We’ll start with something like this:

m1102 trailer

And end with something like this, except that ours won’t have windows, will be on original rims/tires, will sport a roof top tent and will match the color of our BlissMobil unit.

m1102 trailer on steroids

Why an M1102 trailer?

In a nutshell, we’re moving from a roomy house to a (relatively) tiny RV. We obviously can’t take everything but realized we’d be leaving some things behind that would make our new, tiny home, more enjoyable.

Why not an FJ40? Read on for our rationale…


  • More space – we can bring some daily use things that we were going to leave behind.
  • Load distribution – the M1102 payload is 2,740 lbs. Some heavy items will be shifted to the trailer since the LMTV is loaded down as it is.
  • A roof-top tent on the trailer will serve as an “escape pod” for any of us, especially our 12-yo son! It will also serve as a “guest house” when we get visits from my daughter and her boyfriend or our friends.
  • We will make the trailer more secure than an FJ40 – no glass that can easily be smashed. Not Fort Knox but will deter smash-n-grab opportunists.
  • Much less expensive than an FJ40 – or at least cheaper than the FJ I was lusting after.


  • Less maneuverable. Now we have to deal with the trailer: backing up, turning, rough terrain (although the M1102 is built for that) and getting stuck.
  • We don’t have the flexibility an FJ40 would have provided. Day trips, grocery runs, etc – our options will be driving the whole rig, parking the trailer and driving just the truck or taking the motorcycle.
  • We’ll be tempted to pack stuff we really don’t need or will never use.
  • Expense – both the trailer and FJ adds more cost to the whole deal.
  • Lower fuel economy – the truck is already a fuel-guzzler; now it’ll guzzle a little faster.
  • More to break down.


We’re expecting to take delivery in a month or so which puts us late August or early September.

Since we’re waiting for the truck to be finished, we have some time.


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