Plans Are Of Little Importance…

…But planning is essential. I’m the extensive-planning type and it’s stressful to see plans go sideways. I’m getting better at dealing with it – after I smash my head through the wall, I take a few deep breaths and I feel better. My sister reminded me that our new RV life theme will be “go with the flow” – I’m trying!

We’re still doing this thing but it’s delayed, again, and plans (surely to be shattered on the rocks of reality) will change accordingly. Best guess is that we’ll be on the road, in earnest, in December ’17 or January ’18. Read on for more of the gory details…

Do-Overs and Constraints

One, of several, remaining tasks with our truck is to add storage boxes. Unfortunately the first set didn’t fit correctly so the manufacturer is back at the drawing board…adding a minimum of six to eight weeks to the schedule. August is over half done so this roughly equates to mid-October. And that’s if nothing else major goes sideways.

To top it off, Jay at Couch Offroad had a run of bad luck with staffing. He believes he is rounding the corner now and hopes to increase productivity this coming week.

The Ever-Shifting Schedule

Estimating Time







So….maybe we’ll take possession of our RV in mid-October. Great! We can hit the road then!

Not so fast! We booked a two week trip to Taiwan (yay!) with Lily’s parents for early November.

After that we need to sell/rent the house and store our shit somewhere.

Best case scenario is we hit the road in earnest some time in December ’17 or January ’18. Being the dead of winter, our inclination is to head to southern U.S. deserts and maybe Baja. But that’s counting chickens again, isn’t it!?

Glass Half Full

No matter how frustrated I get with the RV build schedule, it’s minor in the grand scheme of things. Especially considering the real problems in the world.

  • We’re all in good health.
  • It’s a privilege for us to have these options.
  • More time to spend with Lorelei before we take off in the RV and she takes off on her open world-travel backpack adventure.
  • More time to get our house and possessions ready.
  • We’re expecting delivery of our trailer in early September! The M1102 will look a bit funny behind our SUV but maybe we’ll take it out on some trial runs.
  • We’re both remote working (digital nomad-style).
  • Our 12-yo starts home-school in a couple of weeks.
  • We’re really looking forward to to visiting Taiwan in November.

Other Digital Nomads

I’ll get around to updating our resources page to include more folks living the RV/Van and/or digital nomad life but, for now, I’ll leave these two here:

Stephanie Lee travels around the world as a digital nomad and has a blog chock full of great tips for anyone thinking of doing something similar.

Kevin and Lauren coined the term “explorking” for combining exploring and working. They do this from a their RV.

Talk to ya’ll later.

(Article title quote attributed to Winston Churchill…)


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